Carlos Santana premieres “Dolores” at Sundance Film Festival

The documentary tells the story of civil rights Latino activist, Dolores Huerta

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Mexican guitar legend, Carlos Santana, attended “Dolores” premiere yesterday during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival at Library Center Theater in Park City, Utah.

Santana participated as the executive producer of the documentary alongside consulting producer, actor Benjamin Bratt, brother to film director Peter Bratt.

“Dolores” tells the story of civil rights Latino activist, Dolores Huerta, who in Santana words “has not only fought for the Latino community, but for everyone who needs it”. Amid a warm reception from the audience, Santana thanked the public and noted that it is the viewing audience which makes a good story successful and popular “I have always believed that our mission is to do a good job, as it is the audience’s responsibility to make an artistic proposal successful or not; so it is up to you to make “Dolores” as big as “Star Wars”.

For his part, Benjami Bratt said that projects such as this are necessary no only for the Latino community, but because they appeal to the good of mankind, something he hopes will remain unchanged after the arrival of the new U.S. administration “I was lucky enough to come across Carlos (Santana) and to realize he wanted to tell this story, which is not about a Latino woman as much as it is a story of mankind. The wonderful thing about this film is that it not only tells Dolores’ story, that of Latinos or laborers, but it tells the story of people, the Americas and all of its inhabitants, regardless of race or creed”.

86-year-old, Dolores Huerta, thanked that her story was made known, not for her sake, but for the fight against oppression “I think that raising my voice has always been my trait and I will continue to do so till I die; it is important that the new generations speak and raise their voices as well”, she noted.

Huerta added “I think that most of us in the progressive world feel very threatened right now. If the new U.S. administration carries on with the plans stated in its electoral campaign, in relation to planned parenthood and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there will certainly be more reason to protest”.

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