Mexico arrests sports top official for alleged corruption

Mexican prosecutors have arrested Antonio Lozano for allegedly embezzling about 4.8 million pesos (almost US$250,000)

Photo: PGR
English 19/12/2016 14:07 AP Actualizada 14:07
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Mexican prosecutors have arrested a top official of the nation's athletics federation for allegedly embezzling about 4.8 million pesos (almost US$250,000).

Suspects in Mexico now are often not identified by name upon their arrest. But a federal official who is not authorized to be identified said the man was Antonio Lozano.

Lozano is listed at the president of the Mexican Federation of Athletics Sports Associations.

The Attorney General's Office said Monday it arrested him based on a complaint filed by the National Sports Commission.

Lozano was arrested at the Mexico City airport after he arrived on a flight from the northern border city of Mexicali.

The sports commission has been dogged by accusations of malfeasance, but it has in turned blamed individual sports federations.

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