People on social media attack senator who was violently beaten

People have taken to social media to launch a series of attacks against the Mexican senator.

The Mexican senator seen here earlier this week describing the vicious attack that left her with several broken bones and injuries. (EL UNIVERSAL/file photo)
English 14/12/2016 15:04 Mexico City Actualizada 15:27
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Mexican ex-olympian turned Senator Ana Gabriela Guevara was violently attacked by four assailants on Sunday while driving her motorcycle on a highway between the lake resort town of Valle de Bravo and Mexico City.

However, despite the violent attack, many people on social media have launched a series of attacks against the senator.

The attacks range from misogynistic comments to those who question her abilities as a senator. Others criticized her for being treated at a private institution instead of a state-owned hospital.

EL UNIVERSAL has released several articles on the incident since Sunday and shared them on social media, and although many comments have been respectful, many others have used the space to ridicule the senator and women in general.

“I don't want to sound offensive, but if I saw her on a motorcycle I'd also mistake her for a man, not because of the helmet she was wearing, but because she has a man's body,” wrote one user on Facebook by the name of Samm Díaz.

Others claim that the only reason authorities are investigating the attack is because Guevara is “famous” and a senator.

The user Mafis Ballesteros, said: “Look how fast authorities are working on this case… If things were like this for everything (and everyone) this would be a different country!!!” How embarrassing that since this happened to someone who's 'famous' they decide to do their job.”

Others weren't angry over the violent attack against a woman, but were angry because as one user said: “I invite her to visit one of Mexico's public hospitals and not use her million-peso private insurance that the MEXICAN people pay for with our taxes!”

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