Citibank reaffirms investment plan in Mexico despite Trump win

Citibank is expected to invest over 1.2 billion dollars in Mexico over the next four years, regardless of Trump's policies.

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English 13/12/2016 21:00 Antonio Hernández Actualizada 21:00
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Despite last month's U.S. presidential election victory of Donald Trump, who has repeatedly tested Washington's relationship with Mexico, Citibank's Mexican subsidiary, Citibanamex, reaffirmed their investment plans in the country over the next four years.

Citibanamex's CEO, Ernesto Torrest Cantú, said that Citibank's headquarters in the U.S. reaffirmed their plans to invest over 1.2 billion dollars in Mexico over this period.

“Citi is convinced of the magnificent growth and development outlook for our country, and the Mexican market's enormous potential and the importance of promoting and strengthening their business in Mexico,” said the CEO.

“This is why in 2017 we will continue forward with our investment plan and uphold our commitment to provide the best possible banking service in the country,” concluded the CEO during an entrepreneurial awards ceremony held by the bank every year in Mexico.

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