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Mexican politician justifies personal expenses amid lifestyle scandal in the U.S.

Mexico City
Francisco Reséndiz and Horacio Jiménez
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Ricardo Anaya blames failure in tax return system "3 out of 3" and asked the Mexican Transparency Association, as well as the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness, to inform if he actually incurred in omissions in his tax statement

Ricardo Anaya Cortés, president of the Mexican conservative National Action Party, has asked the Mexican Transparency Association, as well as the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), to inform if he actually incurred in omissions in his tax statement of if he complied with the requirements of the tax return system “3 out of 3”, which “fails to provide more transparency in taxpayers statements”, he added that: “it must be made clear who is lying”.

Anaya Cortés explained that the “3 out of 3” platform does not allow taxpayers to detail the nature of the income coming from equity investments nor does it offer the possibility for taxpayers to state the exact amount kept in personal savings accounts, as it limits the latter to be inscribed in the “more than $500k pesos” category.

The “3 out of 3” platform was designed by the Mexican Transparency Association and the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), to allow government officials to make their assets declaration, tax return and declaration of interest known in an effort to “forge more honest and upright governments and to reduce the risks derived from government corruption”.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Anaya Cortés explained that his family income derives from the lease of seven commercial premises located in two shopping malls in the state of Querétaro, which belong to Carolina Martínez Franco, wife to Anaya Cortés, and to CINTLA Corporation, owned in a 50/50 partnership by the couple.

Additionally, he explained how he invested in a real state venture to make a $4 million profit to be reinvested in the JUNI SERRA enterprise and provided details of his two personal savings accounts which amount to one million six hundred and forty two thousand pesos.

Before his political career at age 21, Anaya Cortés had not worked for any company and his income derived from his work as a teacher and as a public official as a municipality government official, a private secretary to the governor of Querétaro, a local and federal congressman, general secretary to the National Action Party and finally, president to the same political party.

However, in less than two years, Ricardo Anaya Cortés and his wife Carolina Martínez Franco, increased their monthly income in more than a 100%, mainly through the lease of commercial premises in shopping centers of the capital of Querétaro.

Anaya Cortés also complained about the “difficulty” to update information in the “3 out of 3” platform and he took the opportunity to emphasize his commitment against corruption:“I reiterate my full commitment with transparency, accountability and with the fight against corruption. I have nothing to hide whatsoever”.


Despite recent criticism, Anaya Cortés, took a flight to Atlanta to visit his family early today, as he has done so since August 2015, and he posted a photo in social media where he stated: “I needed a hug like this. Today I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to meet with my family. They are my number one priority”.


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