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Women forced to walk naked in Sonora

Amalia Escobar / Corresponsal
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According to witnesses, a group of bikers forced the three women to walk naked on the streets of the municipality of Huatabampo after accusing them of robbery

A group of bikers forced three women to walk naked on the streets of Huatabampo, Sonora after accusing them of robbery.

The photos of the naked women accompanied by two men riding motorcycles were uploaded to social networks on Tuesday night.

According to witnesses, this is not the first time it happens since in early November two young women were also forced to walk naked on the street for the same reason.

In an interview with a radio station, Mayor of Huatabampo Heliodoro Soto said that the event is regrettable and asked the involved women to file a complaint.

“It is important to have truthful information but there are no complaints, these women have preferred to remain silent because of shame and fear of retaliation and we understand, but it is essential for authorities they file a complaint and seek justice” said the mayor.

"As mayor and as a parent, I ask anyone affected by this situation to go to the authorities." the mayor added. 

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