Parents of 43 missing students march in Chilpancingo

After two years of the disappearance of the missing students, a group of parents and civil organizations hold a protest in the capital city of Chilpancingo

Dassaev Téllez/ EL UNIVERSAL
English 25/09/2016 17:00 Juan Cervantes / Corresponsal Chilpancingo, Guerrero Actualizada 17:05

Parents of the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa, supported by members of civil organizations, march in the capital city of Chilpancingo, Guerrero demanding the return of the disappeared, alive, as well as the delivery of the security tapes of the Justice Palace of Iguala and the release of the political prisoners; they also hold protest against the structural reforms.

The demonstration started at midday today and is accompanied by the protesters slogans of “They were taken alive, we want them back alive.” Likewise, a group of protesters are drawing graffiti in shop windows which read: “The state is to blame”, “We are still 43 short”, “Out with Peña” and “September 26 is not forgotten.”

They also demanded justice and asked not to be addressed as “guerrilla groups and vandals” and stated that they “fight and take the streets to hold protest of a change that may benefit all”.
The destiny of the demonstration is still unknown.