Video captures cops killing a Latino on Oklahoma City bus

Miguel Ángel Chávez Angles attempted to hijack the bus on June 24.

(Photo: Taken from video)
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Bus surveillance video shows a carjacking suspect jumping onto an Oklahoma City bus to escape police, ordering frightened passengers to leave the vehicle then trying to grab one officer's weapon before being shot dead by another officer.

Police say 42-year-old Miguel Angel Chávez Angles hijacked a car on June 24 then locked himself inside an auto repair shop before boarding the bus. 

Officers were initially investigating a vandalism complaint when Chávez jumped on an Embark city bus and demanded the driver taken him off-route.

The surveillance shows a female officer fighting with Chávez Angles, who grabs her gun and discharges it. The suspect then tackles the officer to the floor.

A male officer is then seen coming in to help, trying to get the suspect off his colleague, and then shooting him dead, ringing out at least four shots.

According to the driver, John Mobley, Chávez Angles wanted him to take him directly to a nearby street, although it was out of the marked route.

He said Chávez Angles even threw money at him, was acting erratically, and his speech wasn't making much sense.

"I thought he was on something," Mobley told television station KOKH.

When Mobley refused, the suspect grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to deploy it. Mobley then pulled the bus over and evacuated all the passengers.
Police quickly boarded the bus and the struggle ensued.

After the shooting, the officer helps his colleague off the bus, after the suspect was shot right by her. Both the officers are now on administrative leave.

With information from AP

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