Kidnappers only needed 15 minutes to escape jail

They broke bars, doors, walls and windows.

They opened a door by making a hole in it. (Photo: ESPECIAL)
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Kidnappers Roberto Sánchez and Agustín Miranda, walking and carrying personal documents, escaped last Monday from the Reclusorio Oriente federal prison in a record time of just 15 minutes, according to pictures provided to EL UNIVERSAL.

Around 5:30 p.m. of May 31, a sheetrock wall, a glass wall and metal bars were only the first obstacles they faced on their race to freedom outside the offices of the 20 Criminal Court at the federal prison.

They broke both walls and then removed the bars, then made a hole in another wall, pushed a bookcase to the ground, making a big noise, and found their third obstacle, a black wooden door that they opened by making a hole around the doorknob.

And all this happened without anybody seeing or hearing anything, even with the big racket they were making.

Finally, they changed their prison uniforms for jeans and tennis shoes, as well as a navy blue vest for 49-year-old Sánchez and a blue shirt for 46-year-old Miranda.

From there on, they just had to open an unlocked door and walk empty aisles to freedom. Not even the people in charge of the x-ray machines at the exits were working.

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