Schneider steals the show in Mexican soccer team event

The U.S. actor shined during the presentation of a benefit gala for the Tigres.

Rob, his wife and coach Ricardo Ferretti. (Photo: Taken from Twitter @TigresOficial)
English 02/05/2016 23:29 Monterrey, Nuevo León Actualizada 23:33
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Rob Schneider stole the show during the presentation of the "Tigres, para un mejor futuro (For a better future)" gala, produced by Mexican soccer team Tigres Nuevo León.


The actor was received with a round of applause at the Auditorium of the Accounting School of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, and provoked laughter when he interrupted his translator and spoke Spanish himself.


Schneider met the team and posed for pictures with Ricardo Ferretti and team president Alejandro Rodríguez.


He also presented 300 scholarships for children and posed with them and Tigres' players.

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