One killed in plane crash in Sinaloa

The Cessna-204 airplane was used as an air taxi.

English 06/03/2016 23:27 Javier Cabrera Martínez/Culiacán, Sinaloa Actualizada 23:27
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The pilot died and a passenger was wounded when an air taxi crashed in the municipality of Cosalá, Sinaloa, close to the border with Tamazula, Durango, as reported by the authorities.

The surviving victim was rescued with a helicopter.

According to preliminary reports, the Cessna-204 departed from Cosalá, with only one passenger, identified as 20-year-old Yudán Carrazco, to Durango.

The helicopter took Carrazco to the esplanade of the Governor's palace and then he was taken to a hospital.

Ismael Landeros, head of civil protection, reported that the causes of the accident remain unknown, but are being investigated by experts.

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