13 | NOV | 2019

Eighty-seven victims of sexual slavery rescued in Mexico City

David Fuentes
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They were found in bars of the district of Iztapalapa.

The Federal Police and the Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City responded to a series of denouncements of sexual exploitation and rescued 87 women in four bars of the district of Iztapalapa, among them two minors.

The authorities also arrested eight people, the owners of the bars.

The bars had been operating for years over Tlahuac avenue, but apparently the women began to denounce the treatment they received from the owners, because they were being paid less money for their services.

The women would sometimes have sex with their clients in the bars or other places, and they delivered most of the money they made to the owners.

Men identified as Jesús, Juan Arturo and Genaro were arrested in one bar, where the authorities found 30 women.

In other building they found 20 women, among them three minors, and arrested the owner, identified only as Petra.

In other bar, the authorities found five women and arrested a couple identified as Arturo and Isela, while 32 more victims of exploitation were found in another bar, with two more suspects arrested.

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