Rebellious mayor of Tlaquiltenango has been in prison

He was arrested for human trafficking in 2009.

Enrique Alonso Plascencia is opposed to the Unified Police command in the state of Morelos. (Photo: SPECIAL)
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An image of Enrique Alonso Plascencia, mayor of Tlaquiltenango, Morelos, is making the rounds on social networks after he took control of the municipal police forces in opposition of the Joint Command system imposed by the federal and state authorities.

In the picture, he is facing the camera and wearing prison-style orange clothes.

Plascencia, known as "Cero-Cero” was taken to the Amate prison in Chiapas after pretending to take nine Central-American immigrants into the country, along three accomplices.

His Democratic Revolution Party has recognized his stay in prison, but has pointed out that he was proven innocent.

Last Monday, Plascencia removed the police forces of the Joint Command in the area, after the controversies caused by their imposition in Morelos and the killing of the mayor of Temixco, Gisela Mota.

Hours later, in any case, the state government of Morelos was controlling security in the city.

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