Guerrero's governor reports 17 disappearances

Suspected assassins took them, according to the mayor of Arcelia.

Governor Héctor Astudillo. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 11/01/2016 23:00 Juan Cervantes/Chilpancingo, Guerrero Actualizada 23:00
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The governor of the state of Guerrero, Héctor Astudillo Flores, confirmed the reports about the killing of three people and the disappearance of 17 more in the area of El Salitre, in the municipality of Arcelia.

The incident, in the mountainous area of Tierra Caliente, occurred last Saturday night, and the authorities are looking for the victims.

In a telephone interview, the Governor expressed that the Mayor of Arcelia, Adolfo Torales Catalán, informed him about the kidnapping of the victims in the hands of suspected members of organized crime who intercepted people traveling to the population of La Palma.

The incident was reported by the relatives of the victims and the police and the military, along two helicopters from the Office of the Attorney General, began their search.

He also indicated that the operation will last as long as necessary until the 17 abductees are found.

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