Ben Carson does not want Trump as commander in chief

The neurosurgeon does not like his temperament.

“I would not be anxious to have a commander in chief who acted that way,” he said (Photo: Reuters)
English 08/11/2015 21:14 Notimex Washington Actualizada 21:18
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Ben Carson, Republican hopeful for the White House, criticized his controversial rival Donald Trump on various TV shows today.

This week, several press reports exposed supposed lies by Carson in his biography "Gifted Hands", in which he said that he had grown poor in Detroit before becoming an acclaimed neurosurgeon.

Trump tweeted that the reports exposed “many lies” by Mr. Carson and called it the “beginning of the end” of the Carson campaign.

“It's been proven that it wasn't a lie. And none of the things are lies,” Mr. Carson said on ABC's “This Week.” “What does it say about people who immediately jump on the bandwagon when they hear something bad rather than waiting and finding out what the truth is?”

“What does it say?” asked host George Stephanopoulos.

“Let me put it this way,” Mr. Carson said. “I would not be anxious to have a commander in chief who acted that way,” said Carson, who is in a technical tie with Trump in recent surveys.

Carson has also said that if he becomes the GOP's presidential candidate, he is confident that he will defeat Hillary Clinton, whom he considers the sure winner of the Democratic primaries.

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