Mexico U-17 defeats Argentina 2-0

The younger 'Tri' began with authority its participation in the FIFA Under 17 World Cup.

Venegas scored for Mexico. (Photo: Imago7)
English 18/10/2015 21:12 EFE Chillan, Chile Actualizada 21:17

Mexico defeated Argentina by a score of 2-0 in the opening game of the Group C of the Under 17 World Cup 2015 in Chile.

Argentina played without character and was clearly incapable to face its better suited rival.

The Mexican superiority became clear just 10 minutes into the game, when Kevin Magaña eluded two Argentineans and took advantage of goalie Marcos Peano to open the score.

On the second half, Francisco Venegas scored the second with a penalty shot and now Mexico is set to face Australia while Argentina will meet the German team.


Mexico: Abraham Romero; Diego Cortés, José Esquivel, Francisco Venegas, Ulises Torres; Alan Cervantes, Kevin Lara, Pablo López (m.80, Fernando Escalante); Eduardo Aguirre, Claudio Zamudio (m.46, José Gurrola) and Kevin Magaña (m.65, Javier Ibarra).Coach: Mario Arteaga

Argentina: Marcos Peano; Facundo Pardo, Julián Ferreyra, Luis Olivera, Tiago Ruiz Díaz (m.73, Matías Escudero); Julián Chicco (m.55, Exequiel Palacios), Gianluca Mancuso, Pablo Ruiz; Germán Berterame (m.55, Ricardo Rodriguez), Tom Conechny and Matias Roskopf. Coach: Miguel Lemme

Scores: 1-0, m.10, Kevin Magaña; 2-0, m.77, Francisco Venegas, due to a penalty.

Referee: Danny Makkelie, Holland. He reprimanded the Argentinean Peano for a foul against Venegas.