Screams of 'goal' silence solidarity with Ayotzinapa

The call to yell 'justice' in the America-Chivas game was drowned.

Osvaldo Martínez scored for Aguilas on the 43 minute. (Photo: Imago7)
English 26/09/2015 23:41 Héctor Alfonso Morales Mexico City Actualizada 23:48
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The call made by the fans of Aguilas America to express their solidarity with a demand of justice for the Ayotzinapa students was silenced by a scream of "goal!" 43 minutes into the game with the Chivas Guadalajara.

Osvaldo Martínez drowned any attempt to scream for justice in the Azteca stadium of Mexico City, as the Aguilas fans had called a day before.

The only show of support for the victims of the disappearance of the 43 students a year ago was a banner displayed by the Chivas Guadalajara fans.

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