Synthetic drug lab dismantled in Jalisco

The laboratory was found in the municipality of Concepción de Buenos Aires.

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English 01/09/2015 12:50 Newsroom Actualizada 12:56
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Members of the Attorney General's Office (PGR) dismantled a laboratory used to manufacture synthetic drugs in the municipality of Concepción de Buenos Aires, Jalisco.

Five reactors of different sizes, five gas tanks, nine metal barrels, 73 sacks of caustic soda, 10 burners, 17 pots, five washing machines, 16 large cans, two fire extinguishers, as well as different chemicals were found in the place, according to the PGR's report.

According to the agency, the laboratory was dismantled during an operation conducted by the Federal Public Prosecutor, with the support of the Mexican Army, the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and experts from the PGR.

The seized evidence was made available to the corresponding authorities to continue the investigations. 

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