Soccer players from Necaxa sent to prison

Luis Antonio Gorocito and Alejandro Medina are accused of injuring a young man.

Medina and Gorocito. (Photo: SPECIAL)
English 17/08/2015 23:22 Aguascalientes Actualizada 23:27
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Soccer players Luis Antonio Gorocito and Alejandro Medina, from the Necaxa Aguascalientes club, were sent to prison according to a report by the Office of the State Attorney General.

Gorocito and Medina were arrested for the injuries caused to 22-year-old Luis Rodolfo Mariscal in the early hours of last Sunday.

In a statement, the State Attorney reported that both players will remain in prison while the investigations on the case continue.

The victim is in extremely serious condition and that will be a determining factor in sentencing Gorocito and Medina.

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