Mexico City Legislative Assembly to get end-of-tenure bonus

Each of the 66 congressmen will get US$9,581 plus a proportional share of their Christmas bonus.

English 29/06/2015 11:13 Diana Villavicencio Actualizada 11:13
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The 66 members of Mexico City Legislative Assembly (ALDF) approved a bonus of 9.9 million pesos (US$632,312) for themselves. This means each one of them will receive 150,000 pesos (US$9,581) for ending their tenure. 

The payment was confirmed by Manuel Granados Covarrubias, president of the Government Commission of the ALDF and member of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), who announced that in order to avoid speculation about diversion of public resources, he will request external audits. 

The outgoing Assembly members will also receive a proportional share of their Christmas bonus.

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