23 | OCT | 2019
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PAN contests governor election in Colima

Raúl Torres / Corresponsal
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The party filed eleven complaints against the election for various irregularities.

The National Action Party (PAN) went to the Electoral Court of the State of Colima to contest the election for governor. 

In total, the PAN filed 11 complaints against the election and denounced that Ignacio Peralta, who has already received his certificate of majority, exceeded the campaign spending limit. 

The party said that among the documents submitted to the Court there are recordings in which the head of the Ministry of Social Development of Colima, Rigoberto Salazar, is heard threatening employees to vote for Peralta Sánchez. 

"We are presenting more than 16 boxes with evidence, over 486 proofs and a document with 186 pages that shows the irregularities committed during the electoral process, in the local electoral board, the activities of political parties, the election day and the performance of various officials against democracy and the welfare of Colima," Eduardo Aguilar Sierra, Legal Coordinator of PAN, said. 

"We have detected more than 16 dead people who voted in the election, we have the evidence and the death certificates of more than 16 people, especially in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán, who voted on the election day," Aguilar explained. 

The PAN representatives also accused the Electoral Institute of Colima of helping the candidate of the PRI-PVEM-Panal coalition (Institutional Revolutionary Party, Green Party, New Alliance Party). 

It added that the Preliminary Electoral Results Program was stopped when the PAN candidate, Jorge Luis Preciado, was up in the vote.


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