Red fox predicts Mexican defeat before Chile

The red fox is a protected South-American species. (Photo: Xinhua)

'Zincha' is known for its predictions on sports games.
English 13/06/2015 15:54 Actualizada 15:54
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"Zincha," the red fox of the Buin Zoo, predicted the defeat of the Mexican national soccer team in their match against Chile in the second game of Group A of the Copa America on June 15.

The fox, official mascot of the South American championship, elected one of two mini goal-lines, each with the flag of one of the participating teams and a good plate of food. It elected the one with the Chilean flag.

This practice is common in the Zoo before sports tournaments.

Chile currently leads its group with three points, after opening the tournament with a victory over Ecuador. Meanwhile, Mexico and Bolivia are kept on tenterhooks after their miserable 0-0 tie.

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