20 | OCT | 2019
The recent security action called 'Operación Jalisco' caused a violent reaction from criminal gangs. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)

More municipal police forces disarmed in Jalisco

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The order was issued in support of the investigations of their alleged links with crime.

The Jalisco state government ordered the disarmament of the municipal police of Jilotlán de los Dolores and Pihuamo, in the southeast region of the state, adjacent to Michoacán, in order to investigate if their members are involved with organized crime.

"The governor of the state, Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz, ordered a preventive intervention in the municipalities of Jilotlán de los Dolores and Pihuamo," expressed the state government.

It was reported that the state forces disarmed the members of the municipal corporations, based on the attribution of the Attorney General of the State to grant and revoke licenses for possession and use of firearms.

More information will be made available at the end of the investigation.

With the disarmament of these two police corporations there are already six municipalities under the control of the state government.

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