Police and Ayotzinapa protesters clash in Mexico City

The commotion began after a rally for the eighth month of the disappearance of the students in Iguala.

Grenadiers and protesters faced off before the Hemicycle to Juárez. (Photo: Julián Sánchez / EL UNIVERSAL )
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A brawl between police and demonstrators occurred in front of the monument known as the Hemicycle to President Benito Juárez, when police officers on motorbikes were placed in front of the site in order to prevent the burning of electoral propaganda.

The commotion began at 6:15 PM hours after the end of a rally in the framework of the eighth month of the disappearance of the 43 teachers in training in Iguala.

According to reports, grenadiers in the area have arrested three protesters.

Eight months after 43 teachers in training of Ayotzinapa were last seen in Iguala and allegedly handed over to a criminal gang by local police, their parents and several organizations held marches from four different points towards the main square known as Zócalo.

The demonstrations departed from the areas of Taxqueña, Indios Verdes, Zaragoza and the National Auditorium, effectively the four cardinal points, towards the Angel of Independence Monument.

Once there, the protesters marched to the Zócalo.

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