Protest for cancellation of concert in Mexico City

'La Arrolladora Banda el Limón' was to play on May 15, but so far the ticket money has not been refunded.

The fans are demanding their money back. (Photo: Fernando Ramírez/ EL UNIVERSAL )
English 18/05/2015 23:14 Actualizada 23:14

Dozens of protesters blocked main Rojo Gómez avenue and Sur 8 street on the east side of Mexico City, in protest for the cancelation of a concert of "La Arrolladora Banda el Limón" and the non-refundment of the ticket money.

The concert was programmed for May 15, with the participation of other music groups, and the protesters, who claim to represent around 5,000 music fans, are demanding their money back.

Grenadiers arrived at the area with orders to disperse the protesters and that led to a momentary clash.

So far, there are no comments from the concert organizers about the cancelation of the concert and the refunding of the ticket money.