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Mexico City faces violence and crime
On Monday, Mexico City's Attorney General acknowledged the existence of a violence crisis
Mexico presents a development plan for Central America that could reduce migration
López Obrador said he will seek a pact with the U.S., Canada and other nations in support of a development plan for Central America
Mexico ignores children's rights
The study is based on information provided by the Unicef, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and the United Nations Development Program
Mexico seizes luxury cars, including Lamborghinis and Ferraris
The discovery was made when authorities searched 11 homes in León, in the state of Guanajuato
At least two hundred people are kidnapped in Mexico every day
Until the justice system makes it easier for victims to file lawsuits, kidnap numbers will never be reliable
Mexico City: Police officers work for the cartels
Criminals pay officers up to MXN $20,000 per month to join their ranks, more than the average police officer salary
Mexico finds 222 clandestine graves and 337 bodies in 5 months
The list Encinas provided did not seem to include the 38 bodies recently found in Guadalajara
Union leader shot dead in Salamanca, the fuel theft hub
PRI leader Claudia Ruiz Massieu condemned the attack and demanded justice Gilberto Muñoz Mosqueda
Two more mass graves found in the city of Guadalajara
When family members whose loved ones are missing heard the news, they contacted the authorities in hopes of finding their family member
Displaced inside their own country
Migration from Central America has been emphasized but we shouldn't forget that there are thousands of Mexicans who have been displaced from their communities