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Mexican soccer team mocks feminist anthem “A Rapist In Your Way”
“A Rapist In Your Way” is a choreographed dance performed by hundreds of women all over the world against violence against women
How to identify violence against women?
According to the INEGI, out of the 46.5 million Mexican women of over 15 years old, 66.1% has been a victim of violence
The bloody results of agrarian conflicts in Oaxaca
There are over 400 ongoing agrarian conflicts in Oaxaca caused mainly by 81.3% of the land being communal
Four children disappear daily in Mexico
In Mexico, since 2000, there have been 7,000 cases of missing minors and 21,000 have been murdered
Gang violence in Mexico hits President López Obrador’s approval
During a surge in gang-related violence, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's approval fell ten percentage points
The LeBarón family received threats from drug cartels
Activist Julián LeBarón accused authorities of being colluded with organized crime by asserting that the gunmen responsible for the massacre against members of his community round La Morita with no fear
Mexican prisons: over 500 riots per year
Since 2011, at least 500 riots per year have been registered in state and federal prisons in Mexico. It is a problem authorities have been unable to control and that has left tens dead and injured
Mexico among top 10 least safe countries
According to Gallup’s 2019 Global Law and Order report, Mexico is the ninth nation in the world with the worst law and order index
LeBarón and Ciudad Juárez attacks: the rise of four Mexican drug cartels
Four criminal organizations are becoming increasingly powerful in northern Mexico after events such as the murder of nine LeBarón family members and the violent attacks in Ciudad Juárez
Chaos in Ciudad Juárez after cartel gunmen attack
The attacks left 10 dead, six injured, and 15 burnt-out vehicles