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The Last Resource: Forsaken by the government,vigilantes train children to fight Mexican drug cartels
For long, the Rincón de Chautla community in Guerrero has been trying to get assistance by the Mexican government to no success
Double infanticide Diego Santoy’s case to be reopened
Diego Santoy Riveroll is imprisoned in Cadereyta for the double murder of the Peña Coss children and other crimes related to the event that shocked Mexico in 2006
No way out: Central American migrants are increasingly exposed to extreme violence in Mexico
According to Doctors Without Borders, Central American migrants are being kidnapped, raped and trafficked in Mexico as they seek to enter the United States
La Unión Tepito leader “El Lunares” released after defect in detention
La Unión Tepito is in charge of drug sales and distribution in Mexico City and is one of the main generators of violence
Chaos in Michoacán: Los Viagras cartel leader “El Vocho” arrested in Uruapan
Armed men blocked roads, burned cars, and there were reports of shootouts in the city of Uruapan in western Mexico after a senior leader of the Los Viagras cartel was detained
Executions are behind Mexico City’s soaring violence
First-degree murders in Mexico City are on the rise, mainly due to disputes between different crime organization that are fighting for drug trafficking control in the area
Will Mexican cartels turn into insurgent groups?
In 2019, violent incidents such as Culiacán, the LeBarón massacre, and other crimes shocked Mexico
Mexican children are being robbed of their infancy and innocence
The country is a place where the promises made during electoral campaigns are forgotten and where the reorganization of security forces is useless
After Torreón shooting, video games to be reclassified in Mexico
Video games will be reclassified, regulated, and even eliminated from the market if they promote or contain violent content
Mexico suffered its worst year for homicides in 2019, with a record 34,582 victims