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Puente Grande prison fight leaves eight dead and eight injured in Mexico
Five inmates were detained for participating in the attack
Unión Tepito cartel operator “El Tío” arrested in Mexico City
La Unión Tepito is the behind the latest wave of violence in Mexico City
Mexican journalist Jorge Miguel Armenta Ávalos was murdered in Sonora
Mexican authorities say gunmen killed the owner of a newspaper and one of the policemen who had been assigned to protect him following earlier threats
Four Mexican activists were murdered during the coronavirus lockdown
Violence against activists has not stopped despite the COVID-19 pandemic
At least 25 bodies found inside mass grave in Jalisco
Mexican authorities also found five bags with an undetermined number of human remains
Homicides and violence are on the rise in Mexico despite the COVID-19 pandemic 
Despite lockdowns, drug cartels continue terrorizing entire regions in Mexico
Olivier Acuña case: The Mexican State refuses to negotiate a friendly settlement
In the field of journalist’s human rights, Mexico’s government keeps on stumbling over the same obstacles to impart justice efficiently and properly
Environmental activist Adán Vez Lira was murdered in Veracruz
Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for environmental activists
Shooting between two alleged drug cartels leaves 19 dead in Chihuahua
In November 2019, children and women, members of the Lebarón family, were massacred by gunmen in Chihuahua
What is driving the Mexican youth to join organized crime?
Poverty and the lack of opportunities has pushed minors to join organized crime