Five women

, four of whom were minors, were murdered last night inside a house at the El Gavillero neighborhood, as confirmed by authorities from the State of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

The five women were found by municipal police officers with multiple gunshot wounds on their bodies and it was observed that when they were attacked some of them, who were wearing their pajamas, tried to hide under their bed.

The crime scene located between the Las Cruces and Lirios streets in El Gavillero was visited by the Central Prosecutor of Gender Crimes to perform the first proceedings.

A preliminary analysis suggests the aggressors fled in a vehicle.


Military firearms

The murder of five women at the El Tráfico neighborhood was an act of organized crime since this crime was “allegedly committed using firearms exclusively permitted for military use,” as informed by local authorities.

Mayor Armando Navarrete López condemned the murder of the five women, three of whom were minors, that took place last night at El Gavillero, in the vicinity of El Tráfico.

Navarrete López asserted he is awaiting official information from the State of Mexico ’s Attorney General Office and the National Guard pertaining to the lines of investigation.

The bodies of the five women , two adults and three minors including a girl, were found at the house located between the Lirios and Las Cruces streets in El Gavillero. They were left in a bunk bed and the floor, the reason why the investigation has a gender perspective, and is led by the General Prosecutor of Crimes Against Women, as informed by the State of Mexico’s authorities.

The aggressors left a poster with a threatening message which suggests the crime was related to what could be described as a settling of scores, as reported by local authorities.

The videos captured by the region’s surveillance cameras are being analyzed in order to track the aggressors, who are thought to have escaped in at least one vehicle.

The bodies of the five victims were taken last night to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office to perform forensic tests; once they are concluded, they will be delivered to their relatives, as informed the State of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.


Violence against women

Femicides reached a new peak in Mexico during the first four months of 2020: 987 cases, in contrast with 884 cases registered in 2019. In the last year, femicide investigations doubled.

When comparing the homicides registered in April, the situation is also alarming. For the last five years, authorities had not registered over 260 deaths of women but in April 2020, they registered 267.

Violence against women has not stopped despite the coronavirus pandemic. Although it is unknown if the reason behind those crimes was their gender, they coincide with isolation measures and quarantine, which were imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each attack against women puts the foundations and continuity of the social structure at risk. Women have demanded justice for decades but there has been no response.

Last year, the State of Mexico, which is the most dangerous state for women and where femicide increased by 7% and rape by 14% in 2019 in contrast with 2018, announced it would implement a gender alert in 11 municipalities in the state, aimed at finding and halting aggressive or violent behaviors by addressing gender violence and bullying from an early age.

In regards to femicide, in 2018, Mexico registered at least 3,752 cases; this is the highest number since 1990. On average, at least 10 women were murdered every day.


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