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Mexican activist girl fights to save jaguars
Sofía Molina created Cococu, a nonprofit organization that wants to create awareness about the jaguar’s extinction
Pemex among top 10 global polluters
There are 20 companies responsible to send into the environment 35% of greenhouse gases, that is 480 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane, mainly for the combustion of their products
Reactivating the real-estate sector in Mexico City
Claudia Sheinbaum canceled construction permits in the city until there was a diagnosis
Specialized Bicycles celebrates Mexican culture
Specialized Bicycles is a U.S.-based company that designs, manufactures and sells bicycles, accessories. and gear
Mexico introduces eco-friendly hotel with 'beetle' rooms
Available for rent, the rooms have undergone several modifications for comfort
IPN students create hi-tech water lily collector
The students developed an electromechanical system for the extraction of water lily in Xochimilco
Mexican becomes first woman to obtain Innovators of America award
Her project seeks to reconcile economic development with the preservation of the environment
Public bike sharing system in Mexico City installs its electric bike stations to launch first fleet of electric bikes
A biodynamic practice in Finca La Carrodilla
“Art can bring together new forms of sustainability, underline the social dimension entailed in such processes, while promoting different ways of thinking among viewers”