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Dance of the 41 Queers: A historic event reclaimed by Mexico’s LGBTQ community
The dance of the 41 queers contributed to the visibility of homosexuality in Mexico
50 years later: How the Stonewall riots sparked LGBT rights movements
The stonewall riots lasted six days and marked the beginning of the LGBT rights movement
Mexican drag queens fight prejudice with high heels and glitter
Drag queens in Mexico City are faced with discrimination and violence every single day
Mexico City colors pedestrian crossing with rainbow flag for Pride Month
A total of 25 pedestrian crossings were painted with the colors of the rainbow, as well as some benches and buildings
Muxhe beer seeks to represent the LGBT+ community in Mexico
“Muxhe” takes its name from the Zapotec third gender. It is a California Common beer with a touch of basil
Mexico celebrates LGBT+ Pride Month with rainbow tamal
The rainbow tamal is made in the traditional way, using corn, sugar, butter, and vanilla
López Obrador to host party at the Zócalo
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