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Pemex among top 10 global polluters
There are 20 companies responsible to send into the environment 35% of greenhouse gases, that is 480 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane, mainly for the combustion of their products
Mexican state oil company Pemex risks getting little or no compensation for the billions it invested in fields now set aside for private competitors in a landmark energy reform
Pemex has acknowledged that its refining sector generates huge losses and that its plans require investments that the company cannot make right now.
Due to the government's dependence on oil income, Mexico hedges its crude every year and the deals are closely watched by the market since the trades are big enough to affect prices.
In December, Mexico said it received a record US$6.284 billion from its oil hedge program to help the government offset a drop in income from crude sales by state-run Pemex.
The ruling came after years of litigation between COMMISA, a Mexican subsidiary of KBR, and , a Pemex subsidiary, that began in 2004 and resulted in court challenges in two separate countries.
The Mexican national oil company said on Thursday its losses narrowed in the second quarter, marking its 15th straight quarter in the red.
The call for bids to partner with cash-strapped Pemex on the Trion light oil field follows the constitutional energy reform enacted in 2013.
The Cadereyta refinery in northern Nuevo León state stopped operating on Tuesday due to what the company described as a water shortage needed to supply the facilities boilers.
On Tuesday, Pemex said the refinery in the northern state of Nuevo León had been shut down due to low water pressure from a nearby river that supplies the facility's boilers.