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Families beg for justice
It is unreasonable that the victims are still begging for justice
6,000 children went missing between 2017-2018
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Will there be justice?
There are thousands of families who are suffering, who are demanding answers and actions from authorities but who had to search for their loved ones themselves
Enrique Anastacio Cristóbal was reported missing on November 30
The victims were missing since September 29 and their bodies were found yesterday in the municipality of Camarón de Tejada, Veracruz
The person located earlier in Mexico City is Génesis Jimena Medina Andrade, who is in no way related to the case of the missing students in Veracruz
Tomás Zerón was at the center of the investigation that has failed to determine the whereabouts of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, who were allegedly handed over to a drug gang and slain.
Two bodies were found on a beach, and it is believed they were part of a five-person crew aboard a fishing vessel that was wrecked by the storm.
The slide hit the two Mexican and two Peruvian alpinists on Huascaran mountain Tuesday.
Relatives of one of the climbers confirmed his death.