One day, they left home to go to work, study, or have fun and then they went missing . There are at least 40,000 Mexicans missing . There are thousands of families who are suffering, who are demanding answers and actions from authorities but who had to search for their loved ones themselves, in the face of disdain and silence from the government .

Before taking office, the current administration announced its disposition to solve the problem. The National Missing Persons Search Strategy was implemented on February, and yesterday, the President met with the family members of missing people to reinstall the National Search System , in three months, they will meet again to reveal the developments.

There is a long way to go. The main challenges are in the states, as there are few developments to appoint a local commissioner in charge of implementing the state search strategy only in 13 from the 32 states. The harshest complaints were against the governors . The federal government has to press and demand the states to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem and prevent them from ignoring the events. Without an exhaustive investigation , they usually blame criminal groups for the enforced disappearance cases but the responsibility of the three government levels shouldn't be ignored, and neither their lack of actions to solve the cases. They ignored the majority of the demands from family members.

The countries where enforced disappearance cases take place are usually led by authoritarian governments. In Mexico , none of the recent governments fit into this category. In the country, the high disappearance rates are not the result of a dictatorship , instead, they are the result of governments that forgot the reason why they were in power: to look for the well-being of society , development, and justice .

It's not too late to provide answers to the thousands of family members who demand to know where their parents, siblings, or children are. This government has committed to solving these cases on several occasions. It is creating a strategy to fulfill this promise . There is hope . It would be an act of justice .


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