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The Mexican ghost town scarred by migration
Poverty created a culture of migration to the U.S. in the search for better living conditions
Migrants close U.S.-Mexico border bridge in protest
Central American migrants are awaiting court dates for hearings in the United States scheduled in weeks or months under a U.S. policy called the Migrant Protection Protocols
Central American migrants detentions on U.S.-Mexico border on the rise
About 1 million undocumented migrants were apprehended on the US-Mexico border from October 2018 to September 2019, the highest annual total in the last 12 years
NYT: Trump suggested shooting migrants and building an alligator moat
Inhuman measures are not new for Trump, who detained and separated children from their families
What's Trump's next move?
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Mexico-U.S. meeting: migrant flows and arms smuggling
In Washington, the U.S. reviewed Mexican progress on curbing illegal migration, while Mexico focused on pressing the U.S. to halt arms smuggling across the border
Mexico determined not to accept U.S. third safe country deal
A safe third country designation would require asylum seekers to apply for protection in Mexico instead of the United States
Mexican artist helps migrants through art
Alfredo Gutiérrez wants migrants to know that they are not alone
Migrants experience physical, psychological, or sexual violence during their journey to the U.S.
In some cases, migrants are forced to trade sex for food in order to survive
Donald Trump has no limits
Trump never mentions the contributions made by migrants to the U.S. economy