The confirmed that out of the 201 COVID-19 confirmed cases in the state, 16 are from the migrant population: six are from Honduras , 3 from Cuba , one from Guatemala , one from Cameroon , one non-specified, and four from other Mexican states .

These people are currently in shelters in the Tamaulipas border. 14 contracted the disease in a single migrant shelter in Nuevo Laredo where one of them arrived after being deported from Houston , Texas without knowing he was infected with the new coronavirus .

42 migrants and personnel at the Nuevo Laredo shelter have been tested for coronavirus to verify if there have been more infections.


One of the infected migrants has already been transferred to Querétaro , his home state.

It is a 21-year-old Mexican migrant originally from Michoacán and who lives in Querétaro ; he was repatriated through Reynosa last April 17 from Atlanta, Georgia.

The migrant was first identified in the I nternational Health filter at the Reynosa-Hidalgo international bridge , where the protocol for suspected cases was immediately implemented.

The other 15 migrants are currently isolated while the rest of the migrants and personnel at the shelter will continue to be tested for COVID-19 .


The Tamaulipas government also revealed that since February 20, 2019 , it has insisted on addressing the migration phenomenon at the border and at least 20 official letters have been sent to the head of the Interior Ministry and the National Migration Institute .

On April 13, the Tamaulipas government requested Mexico’s Supreme Court to issue injunctive relief for the protection of the health of people in Tamaulipas, including migrants, due to the health contingency caused by the new coronavirus.



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