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Head of Mexico’s Migration Institute resigns
More than 500 members of Mexico's Migration Institute have been dismissed from their posts
U.S. may send 50,000 asylum seekers to Mexico
Mexico could receive up to 80 thousand by the end of the year, according to Alejandro Encinas
Mexico may consider U.S. ‘safe third country’ demand after 45 days
Deployment of National Guard forces to Mexico’s southern border was due to start on Wednesday
Mexico and the U.S. will review migration measures in 45 days
On Friday, Mexico and the United States struck a deal to avert a tariff war
Highlights of new Mexico-U.S. migration agreement
The new agreement is aimed at resolving the humanitarian crisis in Mexico's southern border
Trump suspends tariffs on Mexico 'indefinitely' after deal on immigration reached
President Trump claimed the U.S. had reached a signed agreement with Mexico to stop the tariffs
U.S.-Mexico talks drag as clock ticks down to tariffs
Negotiators battled over a U.S. demand that Mexico accepts more Central American migrants
A questionable immigration deal avoids the worst crisis in U.S.-Mexico relations in recent years
Last-ditch negotiations resulted in a deal apparently satisfactory for both sides, hailed by the Mexican government as a victory since it averted the entry into force of a 5% tariff on Monday
Fitch downgrades Pemex debt to 'junk' in fresh blow to Mexico
Fitch's new rating for Pemex is BB+ and that of Mexico’s sovereign debt BBB
Mexico offers to deploy 6,000 troops to southern border to avert tariffs
Trump warned the tariffs would go into effect on Monday if Mexico does not step up efforts to stem the flow of Central American migrants heading for the U.S.