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U.S. Senate approves USMCA trade deal
The U.S. Senate has approved the USMCA after months of negotiations
Mexican authorities rescue 134 migrants from closed box trailer
71 children, 36 men, and 27 women were rescued from a closed box trailer in Ozuluama, Veracruz
Mexico deploys 15,000 troops on U.S. border to halt migration
Mexico on June 7 agreed to reduce significantly the number of migrants reaching the U.S.
Migrants look for new routes to enter Mexico amidst border reinforcement
Since January, illegal immigrant arrests in Mexico have tripled, going from 8,248 to 23,679 in May
European experts warn against militarization of Mexico’s southern border
The European Commission claims that the conditions causing the migration crisis still persist
Mexico’s National Guard seals off 23 municipalities along border with Guatemala
6,300 troops from the newly formed National Guard are aiding the National Migration Institute (INM)
Mexican Senate ratifies USMCA trade deal
The USMCA was ratified with 114 Senators voting in favor and four against
Detention of migrant children in Mexico shows increase
Sparked by U.S. threats, Mexico has taken stronger measures to stem migration
Head of Mexico’s Migration Institute resigns
More than 500 members of Mexico's Migration Institute have been dismissed from their posts
U.S. may send 50,000 asylum seekers to Mexico
Mexico could receive up to 80 thousand by the end of the year, according to Alejandro Encinas