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Venezuelan drug mules detected in Mexico City Airport
Drug mules are convinced to ingest from 30 to 35 cocaine packages, transport them to Cancún or Mexico City, and are paid from USD $500 to $1000 in exchange
Water supply crisis at Mexico City International Airport
Currently, 9 out of 10 liters used in the AICM arrive daily to the terminal through 38 pipes of 40,000 liters each, which costs MXN $177,281 daily
A canceled airport will become a financial burden for passengers
Passengers who use Mexico City's airport pay an Airport Tax that will be used to pay off the Texcoco airport
The Texcoco airport has become a financial burden
In 2014, the aviation authority set a limit of 61 operations per hour, with a maximum of 40 landings
Investors concerned about Mexico airport bond buyback
Investors in bonds issued for the NAIM construction have pushed back against a debt buyback
Mexico City's airport is profitable and functional
A study from 2016 contradicts claims made by the current government and investors
What's going to happen with the Texcoco airport?
70% of voters are against the Texcoco airport
Mexicans oppose the Texcoco airport; AMLO confirms Santa Lucía project
Companies owned by the family of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim were co-designing, co-financing, and co-building the Texcoco project
The bond, which is being issued through a special purpose trust, is expected to be the first of up to US$6bn of such trades, allowing the borrower to create an extensive curve over time.
Ferrovial may dump ICA in Mexico airport bid
A spokesman for ICA also declined to comment.