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Mexican student creates self-regenerating rubber pavement
Israel Antonio Briseño designed a pavement made from rubber tires that self-regenerates when water makes contact with the floor
Felipe Ávila went to NASA’s International Air and Space Program in 2017 and 2018
Mexican student to visit NASA for the third time
He has visited the facilities of the Aerospace Agency two previous times
Mexican student wins bronze at International Chemistry Olympiads
In addition, Víctor Ulises Placencia, from Jalisco, won an honorary mention in the IchO 2019
Mexican student proposes new cancer treatment
Current cancer treatments are too violent for the patients and deteriorate their living conditions
Mexican student to participate in NASA’s scientific camp
High school student Georgina Mariam Santos won a scholarship to participate in the scientific camp in Alabama, U.S. on August
Mexican student is racially attacked in Ireland
In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the young man explains that these racist attacks are common in Ireland
Mexican student uses green plantain to fight diabetes
The product obtained was a powder that can be used to cook different foods or as a medicine