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Not all jerks in Russia are Mexican
Mexicans have a history of rowdiness at the World Cup, but fans from other countries are also wreaking havoc in Russia
Criticizing Osorio is not personal
Since Mexico beat Germany at the World Cup, people have put Osorio in a pedestal, despite his flaws
Moscow celebrates grand opening for the World Cup
The FIFA World Cup 2018 had a grand opening in Moscow, proving that Russia is more than prepared for the sports events
Osorio overwhelmed by sensationalism
Juan Carlos Osorio has proven himself to be even more stubborn than we thought. It’s outrageous that he would choose to force an injured player to keep playing up until the last minute just for him to be evaluated like the rest
Farewell game in the USA, a complete waste
The match between Mexico and Wales left a bitter aftertaste for audiences on both sides
The struggles of Chivas
Memorable declarations made by Francisco Gabriel de Anda caused the outrage of fans on social networks
North America seeks to host FIFA World Cup in 2026
At the Moscow Congress on June 13 we will know whether the World Cup will take place at the tripartite North American headquarters (United States, Mexico, and Canada), or Morocco
The Soccer League final: A surprise for fans and commentators
For the third time in history, Santos F.C. and Toluca F.C. will face off for the league title
No Chivas in Russia
This will be the second consecutive time that Chivas F.C. from Guadalajara will not have a single representative in the national football team at the FIFA World Cup.
Pumas are ridiculed after returning to the playoffs
The Liguilla started with a strong America and lies from the Referees’ Commission, which is apparently willing to let go of some referees for incompetence