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Authorities search for clandestine graves inside former Topo Chico prison
The government has said it plans to convert the site into a public park and a museum
2,000 bone fragments found in Sinaloa
On August 24, members of the State Brigade for the Search of Missing People found plastic bags with more than 2,000 bone fragments of hands and feet that belonged adults, adolescents, and children
Mexico vows to identify thousands of human remains amid surge in violence
The government said it would commit USD$21 million to update forensic databases and bring in experts
More than 1,000 clandestine graves found in Mexico since 2006
Mexico has a troubling lack of anthropologists and criminal experts, which makes it hard to identify the bodies
Mexico finds 222 clandestine graves and 337 bodies in 5 months
The list Encinas provided did not seem to include the 38 bodies recently found in Guadalajara
Two more mass graves found in the city of Guadalajara
When family members whose loved ones are missing heard the news, they contacted the authorities in hopes of finding their family member
Will there be justice?
There are thousands of families who are suffering, who are demanding answers and actions from authorities but who had to search for their loved ones themselves
More mass graves found in Mexico
Enforced disappearances, kidnaps, homicides, and violence, in general, have plagued Mexico for the last 12 years
Mexico, a country of anonymous deaths
After hundreds of mass graves have been found all over the country, Mexico can't stand the government's insensibility any longer
157 dead bodies wandering the streets of Guadalajara
157 bodies in a refrigerated container on the back of a trailer have been wandering Guadalajara's metropolitan area, as local authorities don't have the necessary infrastructure to preserve them