Latin America

English 05/11/2019

Mexico wants to strengthen economic ties with Argentina

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he is interested in bolstering economic and trade ties with Argentine; Alberto Fernández, Argentina’s president-elect Alberto Fernández used his first foreign trip since winning office last month to proclaim a new era of leftist cooperation

English 20/08/2019

Zika: the consequences of the epidemic in Mexico

Almost three years after the first case of Zika was detected in Mexico, the Health Ministry has reported 51 children who were born with a congenital syndrome associated to the virus; in 43 cases the predominant condition is microcephaly, but many children are not quantified because their mothers were not early diagnosed

English 20/08/2019

Mexico will fight white supremacy

Marcelo Ebrard, head of Mexican Foreign Affairs, had a meeting with 22 Ibero-American ambassadors and diplomatic representatives to propose the creation of a collective strategy to protect Hispanic communities in the U.S.