Mexican artists

will represent Hispanic art in the which has the participation of nearly 600 artists from 113 countries from all continents; the high number of participants, according to the organizers, is meant to show the diversity and richness of different cultures in the world.

For the first time, the Beijing Biennale has a space specially destined for Latin American and Spanish artists under the name “From Spain to the Americas,” thanks to the great initiative of Spanish curator Lucía Sollinger.

“Two years ago, Tao Chin, one of the founders and promoters of the Beijing Biennale, told me about her interest in organizing a Spanish hall for the 2019 edition ,” Sollinger explained to EFE.

The idea was to gather only Spanish artists , but the curator thought it was important to add Latin American creators to the original project and, in the end, was able to fill two halls of the majestic venue of China’s National Art Museum with works from both sides of the Atlantic.

Mexican Jazzmoart , who works at night and sleeps during the day, took to Beijing his paintings of jazz lounges in which trumpets seem to emerge from the yellow brushstrokes, while his compatriot Eric Pérez recreates Aztec mythology in his plastic art daydreams.


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Sollinger thinks that the Beijing Biennal “is very different” for there is “more figurative art, more abstract [art] and fewer installations” and that it attracts people because they can understand art much better.

H ugo Pérez, Nancy Leticia Garza, and Juan Sabina Ortega are the other three Mexicans whose works are on display in China until September 20 .

The artists agreed that it is an enriching experience and an opportunity to send a message in favor of the environment and to highlight the relevance of taking care of the planet, reducing the destruction caused by humans.

Painter Hugo Pérez participates in the project “A Colorful World and a Shared Future”. His painting “Atlantis” was born after an investigation on the cities around the world that will probably be left underwater due to global warming.


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In her artistic work, Nancy Leticia Garcy focuses on technological achievements and, at the same time, the neglect of family and social values , as well as of the environment. “I was born and grew up surrounded by a lot of nature. It is very important to take care of it and we’re not doing it. As an artist, I want to do my bit in ecological issues , mainly on the issues we’re facing globally,” said the creator.


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Juana Sabina Ortega

shows in a canvas her concern about ecological issues and gender equality . According to her, she portrayed love and care for nature for it is the common house of all living species and the urgency of habits and policies that allow reverting climate change .


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