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Mexican scientists to delve into Earth’s deepest secrets
The expedition in the Guaymas Basin, located in the Gulf of California, will extract more information about Earth's history and its evolution
Mexican artists and curator protest against censorship at the Aichi Triennale
The relation between Japan and South Korea has turned sour in recent months
Morena rebels are back on the “right path”
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Mexican students create Turing machine made out of Lego blocks
Two IPN students have build a machine meant to help facilitate learning of math and computer skills among children
Japanese food festival in Mexico City
Omakase will be the first festival dedicated to Japanese meat in Mexico, and you will be able to enjoy other beverages, desserts, among other things
Cecilia Malmström admitted that "there is still work to do, but they are working very hard"
Day of the Dead around the world
Overseas Embassies of Mexico celebrated our heritage and traditions
In November, a series of specialized instruments will be installed on the ground and at the seabed to measure the seismicity and the tremors in the region
Japanese Government activated the J-Alert system in several northern regions so that citizens could seek shelter
The Mexican Government has expressed its support to the Japanese government and its people after a missile launched by North Korea