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Frida Kahlo: protagonist of Fin DAC mural in Guadalajara
As part of the activities of the dance festival “Despertares Impulsa,” the Irish artist painted the mural in Guadalajara
Mexican student is racially attacked in Ireland
In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the young man explains that these racist attacks are common in Ireland
Mexico celebrates Saint Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Day has been celebrated for many years to honor the Saint Patrick's Battalion
Saint Patrick's Battalion, the Irish heroes who fought for Mexico
Every year, Mexico celebrates Saint Patrick's Day but they also remember and honor a group of Irish men who fought alongside Mexico in the war against the U.S.
Day of the Dead around the world
Overseas Embassies of Mexico celebrated our heritage and traditions
On Wednesday, Tropical storm Ophelia strengthened into hurricane, reaching category 3 today
Similar scenarios are repeated all over the world since the Mexican community strongly believes that even from far away, everybody can help
The flight will take place once a week for six weeks, using Boeing 787 Dreamliners.
The buttons represent the emotions of love, yay, ha ha, wow, angry and sad.
The player posted a video on Instagram and thanked God for being with him.