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Four Mexican activists were murdered during the coronavirus lockdown
Violence against activists has not stopped despite the COVID-19 pandemic
Independent experts will investigate the enforced disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students
On September 2014, 43 students went missing and were allegedly kidnapped and massacred by a drug cartel
Mexico approves amnesty law backed by the United Nations
The UN praised Mexico’s decision to approve a law that will benefit people charged with minor crimes
How will the prison system handle the COVID-19 pandemic? 
Mexican prisons are overcrowded and unhygienic, characteristics that would worsen the spread of COVID-19 
COVID-19: NGO denounces violent response to protest organized by immigrants held at detention center in Chiapas
Central American immigrants planned to start a hunger strike if they were not released 
The Trump administration will temporarily go ahead with its 'Remain in Mexico' policy
Halting immigration is one of Trump’s major re-election campaign promises
The story of death penalty in Mexico
In Mexico, since pre-Columbian times, there were several punishments that, depending on the crime, varied from stoning and hand mutilation to death
In the fight to save the environment, activists face death in Mexico
In 2019, 24 activists and human rights advocates were murdered in Mexico. 70% of them were environmentalists
Mexico will resume the search for the bodies of the miners who died on the tragic Pasta de Conchos accident
The victims’ families argue that Grupo Mexico canceled the rescue because the deplorable working and security conditions will become evident
Environmental activists are at risk in Mexico
In recent years, criminals have besieged activists and journalists in Mexico