A few days ago, Mexico registered two cases of , sparking backlash against authorities. The excessive use of force took place in Mexico City and Guadalajara .

On June 5, after several police officers assaulted a 16-year-old protester in Mexico City, local authorities ordered the officers not to engage in confrontations with the anarchist groups , who also protested yesterday, and offered to create a police department that sets an example for the rest of the country.

In Jalisco, after several protesters were attacked by the police, Governor Enrique Alfaro issued a public apology.

On the other hand, around 100 Mexico City police officers said they were tired of being beaten, humiliated, and attacked when they are deployed to protect buildings and monuments, as well as to protect people and businesses.


This time, anarchists protested the death of at the hands of Guadalajara police officers and the brutal attack of 16-year-old Melanie in Mexico City. However, destroying, looting, and throwing Molotov cocktails are reprehensible actions.

Once again, police departments are in the spotlight. Experts explain that police officers In Mexico are characterized by a lack of equipment and training , and by salaries that are barely enough to make a living. Now, the central issue is human rights , a culture that is still consolidating inside the police.

Police departments can’t continue violating human rights while authorities apologize and promise to improve the police corporations.

Mexico faces harsh conditions, including unprepared police officers, low salaries, and a lack of training. It will take time to solve all these issues but authorities must start now.



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