As over allegations of police abuses , anger built in Mexico on Thursday over its own case: a young man allegedly beaten to death after officers detained him for not wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of protesters marched Thursday evening in Guadalajara , the capital of Jalisco state, to demand justice in the death of Giovanni López . Some broke into the state Capitol and sprayed graffiti on the walls while others later set two police patrol vehicles on fire.

At 17:00 , hundreds of young people arrived at downtown Guadalajara. The protest became violent soon and a group of people with their faces covered set two patrols on fire.

After an hour, the protesters broke the main door of the building while police officers inside fired tear gas against the crowd.

Guadalajara authorities informed that 26 people were arrested and made available to the state Attorney General’s Office due to acts of vandalism and aggression against police officers.


During the protest, a Guadalajara police officer was set on fire after being sprayed with a flammable liquid .

Authorities condemned the attack against police officer Rodolfo Essaú , whose health condition is reported as stable.

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