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The day Mexico joined World War II
Mexico declared war on the Axis powers on May 28, 1942
Valente Quintana, the Mexican Sherlock Holmes
Valente Quintana was one of the best detectives in the world
The German attack that plunged Mexico into WWII
In 1942, a total of five Mexican oil tankers were sunk by German U-boats
The Pastry War: The First French Intervention in Mexico
The Pastry War took place from 1838 to 1839
Deadly diseases: The worst epidemics in Mexico’s history
In over five centuries of history, Mexico has faced serious, long, and deadly epidemics
The time when drugs were legal in Mexico
For a brief period, drugs were legalized in Mexico in hopes of helping addicts and stopping drug trafficking
The story of death penalty in Mexico
In Mexico, since pre-Columbian times, there were several punishments that, depending on the crime, varied from stoning and hand mutilation to death
"Reyes del Dolor" buscan al animal más peligroso
"Reyes del Dolor" llega a Latinoamérica este miércoles 19 de febrero a las 21:50 horas
The fatal results of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic in Mexico
The Spanish flu pandemic has been the deadliest in modern history with over 50 million deaths all over the world