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The sacred, religious, and cannibalistic origins of pozole
Only those who were part of the elite ate pozole in Tenochtitlán
100 Years of Cartoons in El Universal to be exhibited in Washington
The exhibition consists of 70 pieces—62 original cartoons—of outstanding aesthetic value by cartoonists who have portrayed the history of the country with special emphasis on Mexico-US relations
Mexico forgets its museums
Museums in Mexico are going through a critical situation; several compounds focused in history have not received a single visitor from January to May 2019
Buscan más ideas para cambiar la historia
La serie de History cierra convocatoria para los inventores el 31 de agosto
Aterrizan del espacio a la tv
En "Project Blue Book", History explora los avistamientos extraterrestres y el temor de EU ante la posible amenaza
Archeologists find burial site at ex-convent of San Agustín in Mexico City
A group of INAH archeologists found evidence of modifications made to the San Agustín temple
Archeologists plumb Gulf of Mexico in search of Cortés’ sunken ships
Last May, the expedition found an European anchor dating back to the 15th century in Veracruz
Mammoth remains found in Puebla, Mexico
The fossil remains of what is presumed to be a mammoth were found in the Puebla municipality
15th century Spanish anchor found off the coast of Veracruz
The iron anchor’s shank is 2.59 meters long and both of its arms were kept in good conditions
Vanadium: the chemical element discovered in Mexico
The Spanish scientist found the chemical element at a mine in Zimapán, Hidalgo