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Extortion calls and virtual kidnapping in Mexico
It would be ideal to increase the requirements to purchase cellphones
The dusk of Mexico’s infamous Topo Chico prison
On its 76 years of dark history, Topo Chico prison witnessed tens of vicious riots, escapes, overcrowding, and confrontations
6 crimes on the rise in Mexico City
Mexico City’s Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice said that despite the upturn of those crimes, there is a falling trend in several others, result of the safety measures recently implemented in the capital
Migrants experience physical, psychological, or sexual violence during their journey to the U.S.
In some cases, migrants are forced to trade sex for food in order to survive
Carlos Ahumada is arrested in Argentina
Carlos Ahumada Kurtz was at the center of a corruption scandal in Mexico back in 2004; he is accused of extortion, fraud, and forgery by the FGR and had an Interpol notice in 190 countries
Migrants experience extortion, kidnappings, and rape in Mexico
The report concludes that “Mexico arguably has the most extensive migrant kidnapping and extortion problem globally”
NXIVM leader kept Mexican woman captive for two years
Emiliano Salinas denied being involved with the group DOS, a criminal organization led by Keith Raniere
Crisis at Peñasquito mine after Goldcorp suspends all payments
300 mine workers protested outside the local Congress and asked local lawmakers to help solve the issue
Extortion is on the rise
Through this method, the criminal doesn't need to attack its victim, they use intimidation methods to obtain money, which often becomes a monthly extortion
Is Jaime Bonilla the one?
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