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The Mexican women protecting axolotls
Despite all the obstacles they face on a daily basis, including lack of resources and sexism, “Ajolotario Cuemanco” has been rescuing and reproducing axolotls in Xochimilco for four years
The seed bank preserving Mexico's endemic plants
One of the most important seed banks is located in the UNAM's Iztacala Superior Studies Faculty
Mexico's new oil refinery threatens 4,000 animals
Experts identified 4,239 animals from 119 species between March 13 and April 1, 2019, in the area
3 Mexican wolf cubs are born in Mexico
This species was previously declared extinct
The Mexican scientist fighting to save vanilla
Exploitation, genetic erosion, unfair trade, and climate change have endangered vanilla in Mexico
Is the United States to blame for sargassum?
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The newest addition to the Chapultepec Zoo!
For the second year in a row, Chapultepec's zoo has registered the birth of a baby giraffe, an endangered species
5 species threatened by the illegal wildlife trade
The illegal sea animals trade is one of the main reasons behind the loss of biodiversity in the country
69 turtles and 1 dolphin found dead on Mexican beach
Guerrero's Environment and Natural Resources Ministry said it was unlikely that the animals died as a result of poaching and that the animals died at sea
Mexico allowed the extinction of the vaquita
The vaquita is on the verge of extinction thanks to the illegal totoaba market, as its swim bladder is thought to be an aphrodisiac