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Without surveillance, illegal fishing of totoaba is on the rise
Sea Shepherd activists reported nearly 80 small fishing boats with nets full of totoaba in the port of San Felipe, Baja California
The rise of illegal fishing, a threat of austerity in Mexico
Mexico's 2020 Expenditures Budget cut resources to surveillance programs in the fishing industry leaving its coasts in total vulnerability
Mexico, the U.S., and Canada sign USMCA trade agreement
The United States, Mexico, Canada Trade Agreement would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a regional pact in place since 1994 that encompasses USD $1.2 trillion in annual trade across the continent
Pemex discovers giant crude oil deposit in Tabasco
The deposit in southeastern Mexico could yield 500 million barrels of crude
How will Mexico overcome a mild recession?
Debating whether Mexico succumbed to a mild recession or economic stagnation in 2019 is useless
President López Obrador: progress and setbacks
In the last months, López Obrador has both triumphed and failed
Tycoon Carlos Slim says Mexico is attractive for institutional investors
Slim described the prevailing conditions in Latin America’s second-largest economy as an opportunity to attract institutional investors, such as pension funds that often finance large-scale projects
Mexico unveils its National Infrastructure Plan
The private industry will invest millions on 147 projects
Mexico to spend $44 billion on National Infrastructure Program
The plan compromises private-sector commitments totaling USD $44.3 billion stretched across 147 projects through all the country