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Mexico’s Supreme Court blocks the use of higher ethanol levels in gasoline
The Court’s decision follows a modification of a gasoline regulation by Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission which sought to allow up to 10% ethanol in gasoline sales nationwide
Chinese automakers want to expand in Mexico
At least three Chinese automakers are preparing to produce vehicles in Mexico or expand their existing operations
U.S. Senate approves USMCA trade deal
The U.S. Senate has approved the USMCA after months of negotiations
Pemex to invest trillions in the current administration
Pemex's new exploratory and development strategy is part of the investment program Mexico's government will present in February
Mexico reaffirms its nationalist policies by canceling 2020 oil and gas auctions
According to the President, private companies are not fulfilling their contracts
Mexico hedges Pemex 2020 oil output to protect from low crude prices
The oil hedging program, the world’s largest financial oil deal, is designed to protect Latin America’s second-largest economy against oil price crashes
Mexico’s economy grew 0% in 2019
The World Bank also cut Mexico's growth from 1.5% to 1.2% for 2020
Mexico’s automotive industry is threatened by exports drop
Carmaking is a pillar of Mexican manufacturing and a forecast that output and exports would decline again in 2020 does not augur well for Mexico’s stagnant economy
Mexico and Pemex at risk of rating downgrade in 2020
Mexico threw Pemex a lifeline in 2019 to stop USD $80 billion in bonds held by investors worldwide being labeled junk by credit rating agencies; now, investors worry that the state itself is a risk for the oil company
After minimum wage hike, Banxico warns about inflation risk
Mexico's central bank’s board members argued that emerging risk will make it difficult to bring inflation to the bank’s 3% target in 2020